Tips for a Fun, Healthy Summer
June 9, 2023Hannah Grant

I joined the Meals on Wheels Nutrition Department in November 2022. As a Registered Dietitian, my job is to help seniors who receive Meals on Wheels stay healthy. Here are some recommendations I have to keep you healthy while having fun this summer!

Drink Water

High summer temperatures increase your risk of heat stroke. Staying hydrated is important for your health and helps keep you cool during warm summer months. All adults should try to get at least 64oz of water a day.

If 64oz sounds like a lot, set smaller goals to work up to that amount. Adding flavor to your water can help you reach your goal. You can put mint, strawberries, or cucumber in your water to make it even more delicious and refreshing!

If you sometimes forget to drink water, try setting reminders for yourself. If you use a cell phone, you can set alarms throughout the day and drink water when they go off. You can also write yourself notes that say “Drink Water!” and leave them around your home.

Get your Vitamin D!

Did you know the sun is good for your bones? Our body makes Vitamin D when our skin is exposed to the sun. Vitamin D works with calcium to keep bones strong and healthy, which becomes even more important as we age!

It stays light out longer during the summer months. This means more opportunities to soak up the sun and get your Vitamin D. Go for a walk or sit on your favorite bench with a friend. Avoid the hottest parts of the day to make sure you don’t overheat.

Start the Day Strong

Some people are busier during the summer months. Start your morning with a balanced breakfast to give you energy throughout the day. Carbohydrates like oatmeal, toast, or cereal give you quick energy to get you going. Proteins like eggs, peanut butter, and yogurt keep you feeling full.

Combine carbohydrates and protein to create a meal that will power your whole day. Oatmeal with peanut butter and fruit, eggs, and toast, or a yogurt parfait with sugar-free granola are all great options. Give your Registered Dietitian a call to get more great breakfast ideas!

Visit our Nutrition Page to learn how our team helps seniors stay healthy.


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