About Meals on Wheels


We’ve been providing nutritious, home-delivered meals and services to older San Franciscans since 1970!

Meals on Wheels San Francisco is committed to the belief that all seniors have the right to live independently with dignity and respect in their own homes for as long as safely possible. It is our mission to provide isolated homebound older adults in San Francisco with nutritious meals, daily human contact, and supportive services to prevent their premature institutionalization.

When we provide nutritious meals and daily safety checks for homebound seniors, we reduce risks associated with loneliness, depression, and falls. We are the ONLY ORGANIZATION in San Francisco that offers TWO HOME-DELIVERED MEALS a day, 7 DAYS a week, that are nutritionally-tailored to meet the dietary needs of seniors.

Additionally, we provide: 

  • Home-Delivered Meals
  • Home-Delivered Groceries
  • Nutrition Counseling Services
  • Well-being and Safety Checks  
  • Social Work and Case Management — home visits and referrals to critical outside services
  • Minor Home Repair, Home Safety and Urgent Needs — ongoing distribution of grab bars, smoke detectors, microwaves, and refrigerators
  • Friendly Social Caller and Grocery Shopper Volunteer program


With the support of our City partners, public and private supporters, volunteers, and staff, we know that no matter how hard the challenges are that we face, together, we can create a world where no homebound senior is left hungry or forgotten. Click for downloadable PDF.

Click below to learn how your support made a world of difference for older adults in need during 2021.