Nutrition Services

Who We Are

The health and independence of the older adults who rely on us for meals is our priority and supports our mission of helping older adults live independently in their homes.  

The Meals on Wheels San Francisco Team of Registered Dietitians provides nutrition-related advice to meal recipients and collaborates with the Meals on Wheels culinary team to ensure a healthy and varied menu for a diverse population of seniors.

Our Impact

During 2023, our dieticians helped more than 1,000 seniors manage their diets and health.

Number of Seniors Receiving Nutrition Counseling

Number of Nutrition Counseling Sessions

Number of Education Materials Created and Distributed

Why the Need

Many seniors face a high risk of malnutrition or inadequate intake due to factors such as limited financial resources, isolation, or health conditions that impact their independence. Proper nutrition in older adults has numerous benefits, including improved health and healing, reduced risk of complications, and improved recovery from injuries.

Our registered dietitians provide meal and menu planning to meet the individual nutrition needs of clients, and they provide impactful counseling and education sessions that help seniors take control of their health, resulting in healthier outcomes.

Menu Planning:

  • Registered dietitians create recipes and menus that follow the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Our menus are designed to meet our clients’ nutritional needs and are approved by the San Francisco Department of Disability and Aging Services.
  • Clients receive two meals per day that provide two-thirds of the daily Dietary Reference Intake of nutrients

Menu Service Plans

  • Clients receive nutritious meals from our culturally diverse menus.
  • If a client needs a modified diet, we review their eating patterns and work with their physician to authorize the diet and assist in providing instructions to the client.
  • The dietitian provides clients with guidelines for following the appropriate diet.
  •  View our current menus.

Counseling and Education:

  • Annual nutrition risk screening and quarterly nutrition education materials are provided to all clients.
  • Individualized counseling sessions to meet clients’ needs and optimize their health.
  • Targeted nutrition advice to help manage chronic health conditions.
  • Dietitians also address other issues such as food safety, weight loss/gain, and other diet-related problems or concerns.

Nutrition Education Library

National Nutrition Month® is an annual campaign established in 1973 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. During the month of March, everyone is invited to learn about making informed food choices and developing healthful eating and physical activity habits.

This year’s theme is “Beyond the Table,” which addresses the farm-to-fork aspect of nutrition, from food production and distribution to navigating grocery stores and farmers markets — and even home food safety and storage practices. It also describes the various ways we eat — not only around a dinner table, but also on the go, in schools and restaurants, at games and events. This theme also includes sustainability, for instance, decreasing food waste from school and work to home and beyond.