Host an Event


As an individual, corporation, business, or group, you can host an event and designate Meals on Wheels San Francisco as the beneficiary. Fundraisers produced by our community partners provide public awareness and important financial support that we need in order to provide nourishment to homebound seniors in every neighborhood of San Francisco.
Hosting an event is a wonderful opportunity for you to support San Francisco seniors in need, while also receiving marketing exposure and valuable consumer contact. Your fundraising event can be a dinner, concert, bowl-a-thon, wine tasting, restaurant promotion, art auction, food festival, silent auction at an existing event, or even a portion of proceeds of a sold item. If you have an idea for an event to benefit MOWSF, we’d love to hear it.


MOWSF is invested in the success of your event. Depending on the size, timing, and nature of your event, we may be able to provide support in a variety of forms:
  • Marketing Support. We can provide MOWSF’s name, logo, mission statement, and other organizational information for promotional purposes. Depending on the timing, availability, and scope of your event, we may be able to provide on-site event signage and event collateral materials, and we may be able to publicize your event through our regular e-newsletters (8,000 + circulation), website and social media promotion, and/or special invitations.
  •  Volunteers. MOWSF has a robust volunteer database and may be able to provide volunteers to help staff your event. Examples of volunteer services include coat check attendant, registration staff, setup, and catering support. (For more information, see Event Volunteering.)
  • Acknowledgement. We do our best to provide enthusiastic acknowledgment of our sponsors and contributors. This may include website, annual report, and/or other print or online recognition of your generous support.


Please contact us to discuss your event, and before using our name, logo, or mission statement to publicize your event or pursue event sponsorship. We ask that the percentage of event proceeds to benefit MOWSF and/or the total contribution amount be established with us in writing in advance of the event. We will send you our tax I.D. number for your tax deduction purposes. Please know that we are eager to hear your fundraising ideas, but your event may not always be well suited for MOWSF or we may not be able to provide you with the level of support you need for your event. We are always grateful for your ideas and your offers of support.
If you are interested in hosting or sponsoring an event to benefit for Meals on Wheels San Francisco, please contact David Miranda at or 415-343-1280.