At 70 years of age, Victoria is riding out the pandemic with a feline named MaMa.
Meals on Wheels San Francisco staff are busy delivering meals and hope for individuals and families impacted by the pandemic. 
With a surge in new Coronavirus cases sweeping the country and the world, forgoing large, out-of-household family gatherings, social distancing, and masks are all a part of the new holiday plans this year.
In the late 1960s, a small group of citizens formed a grass-roots movement to look after their elderly neighbors living in San Francisco. 
Exciting news! For the 13th year running, the Meals on Wheels network is participating in the 2020 Subaru Share the Love Event. Over the past twelve years, Subaru and its retailers have helped Meals on Wheels to deliver more than 2.3 million meals nationwide to seniors in need. Why does Subaru...