Thanksgiving 2020
November 20, 2020Jim Oswald

With a surge in new Coronavirus cases sweeping the country and the world, forgoing large, out-of-household family gatherings, social distancing, and masks are all a part of the new holiday plans this year.

For more than 20 years, Meals on Wheels San Francisco has prepared and delivered thousands of special Thanksgiving Day meals for senior meal recipients living in the city. During the day, nearly 1,000 volunteers from around the Bay Area would come to our headquarters in the Bayview bright and early, rain or shine, to help package up meals, and deliver the tasty dinners in their own vehicles to those in need, and be a smiling face to greet a senior when they opened the door.

This year, it’s going to look a little different. Keeping COVID-19 safety protocols and our senior clients’ and volunteers’ safety in mind, our trained drivers, who have been doing no contact deliveries since the pandemic began in March, will be doing the meal deliveries this year. In all, approximately 3,000 Thanksgiving Day meals, packaged in a festive meal box with a special holiday wish printed inside the lid – began arriving on doorsteps this week.

In all, more than:

  • 750 pounds of turkey,
  • 750 pounds of ham,
  • 100 pounds of fresh cranberries, and
  • 800 pounds of green beans

are just some of the menu items used in preparation for the feasts. Additionally, this year, our culinary team has made more than 3,000 min pumpkin pies – adding a special, sweet touch to the menu.

By the way, here’s our scrumptious cranberry sauce recipe that you can make for yourself. Meals on Wheels SF Cranberry Sauce


While volunteers won’t be able to go out and deliver the meals this year, they are helping with another important aspect of the holiday for homebound and isolated seniors – creating social connections. This year, volunteers, nearly 200 in all, will call 1,000 older meals on Wheels SF seniors on Thanksgiving Day to wish them a happy holiday and to brighten their day the best way they can — through good old-fashioned phone conversations! More than 70% of our homebound senior clients live alone, and for many, having someone to speak with any day of the week, but particularly during a holiday, truly does brighten their day.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. – If you’d like to help provide nourishing meals and more for homebound seniors in need, please consider making an end of year donation on #GivingTuesday, Dec. 1!

P.S.S. — While volunteer shifts may be full for Thanksgiving Day Callers, check out our ongoing Volunteer Opportunities.

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