In loving memory of Jan Birnbaum
October 12, 2018mnedich

June 12, 2018

In loving memory of Jan Birnbaum, a beloved friend of Meals on Wheels.

“Meals on Wheels San Francisco stands on the shoulders of Giants in our community. Chef Jan Birnbaum was one of those giants. Almost 32 years ago, he helped launch the legendary Star Chefs & Vintners Gala. Because of his commitment to others, millions of meals have been delivered to tens of thousands of San Francisco seniors. Because of his vision, countless chefs have followed his lead to adopt Meals on Wheels as their cause of choice. Because of Jan, a new generation of chefs continue to give back. Jan was a beautiful soul, a selfless human being, and a true inspiration. We will miss you Jan.”

Ashley C. McCumber
CEO & Executive Director of Meals on Wheels San Francisco

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