Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

Iona with Cody

Iona with Cody

Iona was born in Miami, Florida, where she grew up in the turbulence of the American Civil Rights era. At ten years old, her sight began to decline to the point of visual impairment. It was not uncommon for Iona to face hostility in her daily routine, but she found strength in the words of figures like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. After graduating from high school, she spent some years in New York City before moving to San Francisco. Iona has an adventurous spirit that is readily apparent in her accounts of travels both recent and long-ago.

Cody studies English and Music at the University of San Francisco. His hometown is Long Beach, California. He strives to be true to himself, and hopes his efforts make the world a better place. He spends his time studying musicians, listening to and playing music, acting in musical theater, writing, exercising, and learning new words. He is learning about life and himself every day, but ultimately wants to keep his head up and smile. He hopes to travel the world and one day, and never lose his sense of surprise and wonder.



IMG_4416_smallA collection of photographs in Iona’s home. Iona featured in the center black frame, circa age 20.


Iona explains how she learned to survive as a blind person.