A Pillar of Her Community
December 13, 2022Jim Oswald

Roslyn, Meals on Wheels San Francisco meals recipient

She’s funny and kind and generous. Roslyn has lived a remarkable 70 years in Bayview. A life of service to her community and family.  

She has fond memories of camping, her aunt and mother teaching her how to sew, and playing sports in the neighborhood. 

“I’m six foot one,” she said confidently. Because she had four brothers, her sports were basketball, football, and—her favorite—volleyball. “I played football with the boys. Girls weren’t supposed to play football, then,” she laughed. 

She continued on to college. She became a Certified Nutritionist and continued as a lifelong learner. “At City College, anything you want to learn is there for you. All you do is go sit in the seat!” 

A Community Pillar 

Roslyn has two children, 15 grandchildren, and “a whole bunch of nieces and nephews.” She also has her former students from her work at Southeast Community Center. 

Roslyn ran the Peer Mentoring Tutoring Program, a high school program for students who had difficulty completing high school. She and her students become a large part of each other’s lives. Many still visit her. These relationships are especially meaningful to her. 

“Some of my students had children,” she said. “I’ve been a labor coach twice. I’ve tutored their children!”  

In return, many of her students help her too. Roslyn has had a couple of hospital stays recently. Her students and colleagues have visited and supported her by cleaning her house.  

“They are incredible, wonderful people.” In addition, she added, “it was a pleasure to get out and meet new people and help people.  

“That was my joy.” 

She also collects clothes for the local unhoused population. As a child, her mother and aunt taught her how to sew, she now uses those skills to mend the clothes before they’re distributed to those in need. 

Meals on Wheels Helps Roslyn Thrive in Her Home

Now—because of a medical condition—she cannot be exposed to COVID. So—for now—her time is spent at home. She learned about Meals on Wheels from one of her senior students and began receiving Home-Delivered Meals about seven years ago.  

“It’s a wonderful program, a wonderful staff.”  

As a nutritionist, she recognizes that the meals are based on the nutritional needs of older people. 

She especially raves about her driver. “Raymond is a wonderful person, she said. “He’s got a wonderful sense of humor. And he’s a wonderful guy.” 

She also appreciates the check-ins and the personal touches that come with the meals. “They include you just like a family member. That’s outstanding. You don’t get that everywhere.” 

Meals on Wheels also helped her by getting her a microwave and a small refrigerator for her room. 

And she loves the food. Her favorites? “I love the enchiladas. I like the fish. The steak and Potatoes. The meatloaf—delicious!” 

“My hat is off to the chefs!” 

Roslyn is planning on getting back to her work soon. “I still have a lot of time to help other people. That’s what I like.” 

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