Meet David Linnell, interim CEO
April 5, 2023Kathy Stirling

When Ashley McCumber stepped down last October after 15 years at the helm of MOWSF, he wanted to make sure the organization was in good hands as Meals on Wheels started to look for a new permanent Chief Executive Officer (CEO). A natural fit was MOWSF’s current Chief Operating Officer. David Linnell. David came to MOWSF with a wealth of knowledge about food, large kitchen operations, and giving back to the community. As Ashley stepped down, David stepped up and into the role of Acting Chief Executive Officer.

Getting to know David is easy as he has an open-door policy and an easygoing manner that he quickly shares when talking to the x number of kitchen staff who prepare thousands of meals a day for the 5000+ home-bound seniors MOWSF serves; or to the  MOWSF Board of Directors, San Francisco community members and government officials. MOWSF is lucky to have David as we navigate finding a permanent CEO and continue to Nourish the Whole Person. Learn more about David:

David Linnell, interim CEO

How long have you been with MOWSF?
7.5 years

What was your previous profession before coming to MOWSF?
25-plus years of healthcare half of that time was spent in acute care hospitals and the other half was spent running assisted living and long-term care facilities.

How did the pandemic change the way you guided your teams to prepare more meals and continue serving seniors safely?
The pandemic forced us to review all workspaces and employee proximity to one another. Creating safe social distancing ruled the day. We accepted the notion of masking and face shields before it was required. We created working pods of staff so that if anyone in the pod got sick, we could quickly notify the entire pod and react in the safest way possible while continuing to produce and deliver needed meals to our clients.

What is your favorite thing about working at MOWSF?
My favorite part about MOWSF is watching the huge successes of the organization and the staff that drives that success. 

What are some of your hobbies outside of MOWSF and there is anything you would like the volunteers to know about you?
I just became a grandfather. My wife and I have taken up camping with our little teardrop camper. I have also taken up fly fishing and love spending time standing in the creeks and rivers in Northern California.


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