MOWSF Includes Northern San Mateo County Seniors in its Home-Delivered Meals Program
March 21, 2023Jim Oswald


Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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San Francisco, CA – After more than 50 years of serving home-delivered meals to homebound and housebound seniors exclusively in the City and County of San Francisco, Meals on Wheels San Francisco (MOWSF) has expanded its service region to include helping older adults living in Northern San Mateo County who are in need of nutritious meals and services that keep them healthy and living safely in their homes. 

In February of this year, MOWSF became the main provider of free, home-delivered meals to the homes of more than 300 seniors living in the cities of South San Francisco, Colma, Daly City, Brisbane, and San Bruno – a region that was previously served by the organization Peninsula Volunteers. In addition to the meals, MOWSF also provides seniors with nutrition counseling to keep them healthy and social work services that connect them to key programs and resources such as transportation to appointments, and in-home safety.

“More than 30% of the seniors we’re delivering meals to in Northern San Mateo County tend to be homebound or bedbound, and really need the support to make sure they have food to eat,” said Phil Duarte, director of the Home-Delivered Meals program at Meals on Wheels San Francisco. “Our expansion into the county is a natural one for us because we already have established infrastructure to be able to prepare and deliver thousands of meals daily so that no one misses a lunch or dinner.”

Meals on Wheels San Francisco continues to see a growing need for meals as the population of people aged 60 and older continues to outpace other age demographics in San Francisco. MOWSF grew from serving 1,200 people per day and delivering 523,000 meals a year in 2007 to serving almost 4,000 older adults per day and delivering more than 2.5 million meals in 2022. In addition to daily meals for seniors and homebound adults with disabilities in San Francisco, Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver groceries to nearly 500 seniors each week in partnership with the SF-Marin Food Bank.

Founded in 1970, Meals on Wheels San Francisco is committed to the belief that all older adults have the right to live independently with dignity and respect in their own homes for as long as it is safely possible. The nonprofit provides isolated, homebound, older San Franciscans with nutritious meals, daily human contact, and supportive services. With “nourishing the whole person” as its mission, MOWSF ensures that seniors are safe and less isolated as it delivers on its “more than a meal” model.

Meals on Wheels San Francisco opened a new $42 million state-of-the-art kitchen, The Sangiacomo Flynn Building, at 2230 Jerrold Avenue in November 2020 and will soon open a new Headquarters

building next door to the kitchen at 2142 Jerrold Avenue in March 2023. It currently produces between 10,000 and 13,000 meals daily from its kitchen – nearly double the amount it was able to produce prior to 2020.

If you or someone you know are looking for services, are 60 and older and live in South San Francisco, Colma, Daly City, Brisbane, or San Bruno, you may qualify for meals. Find out by giving Meals on Wheels San Francisco a call at 415-920-1111. 

If you live in San Francisco, you can still sign up for home-delivered meals through the San Francisco Department of Disability and Aging Services’ Information, Referral, and Intake Line at 415-355-6700. 

About Meals on Wheels San Francisco: 

Meals on Wheels San Francisco is a nonprofit organization that provides home-delivered meals and wellness services to thousands of homebound older adults living in San Francisco and in Northern San Mateo County who face financial hardship, illness, or disability. The organization, which started in 1970, provides people aged 60 and older with nutritious meals prepared daily in its kitchen, grocery shopping assistance, nutrition counseling, and social work services that decrease isolation and help seniors stay healthy and living independently in their homes. It is the only organization in the Bay Area that can offer two meals delivered daily to seniors in need.

Meals on Wheels San Francisco is supported by donations from individuals, businesses, foundations, and government grants. The organization also partners with local businesses and community organizations to provide meals to seniors in need and deliver on its mission of Nourishing the Whole Person. Learn how you can get involved at


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