Dolby Laboratories Adopts-a-Building
November 1, 2017kcody
July 19, 2017
Guest blog by Laura Kirkland
Intern, Summer 2017
This morning, we had the pleasure of welcoming Dolby Laboratories into our Adopt-a-Building program. Our first two amazing volunteers, Allison and David, had a great time learning the ropes and meeting clients as they prepared to take over meal delivery at Mercy Housing’s Edith Witt Center every Wednesday. Starting today, volunteers from Dolby will be delivering meals and forming friendships with home-bound seniors living just across the street from their headquarters.
Downtown San Francisco is home not only to many of the city’s most successful tech companies, but also to some of its most vulnerable residents. Meals on Wheels seeks to alleviate the burdens of home-bound seniors by delivering nutritious meals and providing daily human contact with our drivers and volunteers. The Adopt-a-Building program, which matches corporate partners with seniors living in nearby residential buildings, is growing rapidly, from just one corporate partner to eight (and counting!) in under a year.
The growth of this program reflects a rapidly aging population in San Francisco. There will be 100,000 more seniors in the city by the year 2037 than there are today. Our Adopt-a-Building program is an essential part of our effort to address the growing needs of the city’s seniors. This program increases our capacity to serve, works to build community and creates lasting relationships between companies and long-time residents of the city’s downtown neighborhoods.
Thank you to Dolby and our wonderful volunteers for their commitment to our clients and community!

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