Looking Out for Our Safety
April 9, 2020Jim Oswald

Today, one of our drivers, Jim, shared a beautiful story with us.

Our goal at Meals on Wheels is to ensure that homebound seniors are fed and kept safe, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. One of the clients on his route –Tricia and her husband who both receive meals from us daily – left a special gift for him.

The couple like to have their meals delivered into a special box outside of their front door as they are usually sleeping during our morning meal deliveries. Today, Jim opened the box to drop off two meals, and saw inside a gift of two home-made cloth face masks along with a note from Tricia who is 84-years old and has osteoarthritis:

“Meals on Wheels Driver – for you and your mate.

I make these washable masks for shopping and safety – keep well and thank you for your service.”

Jim was absolutely touched! While side one of the note brought a tear to his eye, the second side of the note brought a smile to his face:

“Put ribbon over one ear and pull down other ear; slip the other ribbon over the ear. Pinch pipe cleaner in nose area to tighten space.

When you need more – phone me and I’ll leave it in the box. Ok?”

Jim is very grateful for the masks which he says are much more comfortable than what he’s been wearing.

Kindness is making someone smile if only for a moment. Random Acts of Kindness


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