Aaron Peskin Marched for Meals
April 27, 2018Marie Nedich

Friday, April 27 2018

We loved introducing Supervisor Aaron Peskin to Priscilla, a Meals On Wheels client for the past year. Collectively, they’ve lived in North Beach for over 70 years and shared stories of the people and places that make the neighborhood so lively.

They reminisced about Ernie Beyl – the “bon vivant of the beach.” Ernie was a columnist for the Marina Times who died the day after his 90th birthday party last week.

They sang the praises of the San Francisco Public Library‘s “Friends for Life” program; the great work of the San Francisco Village volunteers; and of course, the delicious meals Priscilla receives from Meals on Wheels.

Priscilla used to volunteer as an usher for 6 theaters in San Francisco before she got sidelined by a hip surgery. She is grateful to have the support of so many programs in North Beach and around the city that allow her to live with independence and dignity in her own home, where she has lived for the past 40 years!

Thank you to Supervisor Peskin and all of our partners around the city who keep the wheels turning at Meals on Wheels!


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