Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

Legacy Giving

NOURISHED FOR LIFE: Meals On Wheels of San Francisco Legacy Circle

Including Meals On Wheels of San Francisco (MOWSF) in your legacy plans enables us to care for vulnerable seniors by improving their health and quality of life and decreasing loneliness and isolation. Legacy giving also allows you to plan your estate and charitable giving in ways that benefit your family.

Examples of this type of planned giving include:

  • Providing for MOWSF through a will or trust.
  • Through your retirement plans, insurance policies, and bank/investment accounts.
  • Through charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

By leaving a legacy to MOWSF, you become a member of the Meals On Wheels of San Francisco Legacy Circle, and we honor your gift by listing you or a loved one in our annual report. If you choose, you may make your gift anonymously.

Some examples of the kind of gifts that can be made through the Meals On Wheels of San Francisco Legacy Circle include:

1. Gifts through a Will or Trust

2. Retirement Plans, Insurance Policies or Bank Accounts

3. Gifts That Give Income for Life

If you have already left MOWSF in your will or trust, please contact Murrey Nelson at 415-343-1279 or, so we may formally recognize you for your thoughtfulness as part of the Meals on Wheels of San Francisco Legacy Circle.

Please consider this site as an informational resource to help you in meeting your philanthropic goals. The information provided here is for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered investment, legal, accounting, tax or other professional advice. Meals On Wheels of San Francisco, Inc. recommends that each person considering a planned gift consult with her or his own legal and/or financial adviser.