Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

Alan with Marisol

Alan and Marisol

Alan was born in Los Angeles, California in 1932. He is a natural storyteller who has lived a colorful life. As a child, he lived with many different families and later attended boarding school in Watsonville, where he was an honors student. Not long after graduating, Alan served as a control tower operator. His extensive travels have taken him to France, Japan, Korea, Guam, England, and the Philippines. While living in New York, Alan spent time acting and he brushed elbows with many famous actors of his day. One of his favorite books is Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

Marisol was born and raised in San Francisco. As a youth, she was involved in many community programs, including the San Francisco Youth Commission. She is currently studying English Literature and Criminal Justice at the University of San Francisco. Marisol volunteers at San Quentin State Prison and hopes to one day become a counselor within the criminal justice system. She plans to travel the world and learn about different cultures, but San Francisco will always be her home. One of Marisol’s favorite books is Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man.

Photos of Alan and his family dating back to the 1950’s.

Alan remembers his experiences traveling and working as a Control Tower Operator in the 1950’s.