Card making opportunities for you, your family & friends, and groups!

Thanksgiving Placemat

All year long, you can let one of our 3,600 Meals on Wheels seniors know that people care about them, especially during their birthday month, when they begin receiving our services, or when they are ill. Every year since 1970, our volunteers have made and distributed hand-made birthday and holiday cards! We want each client to know that we care; and for many of our seniors, the card you make will be the only card they receive during celebratory or difficult times.

So, kick back at home, with your family and friends, or with your coworkers and get creative! You’ll have fun tapping into your artistic side, and you’ll feel good, too, knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of so many of our community's seniors. Please contact Kathy Stirling at for more info.