A Sonny Disposition

“Here Fievel; poor, poor Fievel,” Sonny bellows from her couch in her small one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. She begins humming a song from the popular 80s animated film, American Tail, which is about a young mouse (Fievel) who emigrates from Russia to the U.S. with his family by boat and is tossed overboard during a storm, leaving him alone, separated from his family.

Centenarian Believes Bayview Can Rise Above the Changing Times

One of the most iconic visuals on the Bayview Hunters Point skyline is “Bayview Rise,” a mural that adorns a grain elevator and silos located at the Port of San Francisco’s Pier 92.

At 187-feet tall, the primary visual from the horizon line is a soaring heron, which ties to nearby Heron’s Head Park, a successful environmental restoration by the Port. What many people do not know about the Pier 92 installation is that its origins are inspired by a Meals on Wheels recipient.


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