Eating Well on a Budget May Get Easier for Seniors

A law that takes effect June 1 this year may affect you. If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) you will be able to apply for CalFresh and possibly receive extra money for your groceries.

Since 1974, low-income Californians who qualified for SSI have not been able to receive food stamps (now called CalFresh.) CalFresh is a free nutrition assistance program for low-income individuals and families.

Centennial Salute - John

We wish John, a Meals on Wheels recipient, a Happy 100th Birthday! His daughter tells us he spent the day at the Bayview Senior Center where staff threw a party for him. Former SF Mayor Willie Brown even made a surprise appearance to celebrate with him.

Later that night, John and his daughter enjoyed dinner at The House of Prime Rib, where the staff made it clear that “when you turn 100, your meal is free!”


Tomorrow's Seniors Struggle Today

Leia, a Meals on Wheels client, was on top of the world when she moved to San Francisco in the 80s. At 64, she has held a variety of careers including as a broadcast journalist, poetry teacher, as an information and cybersecurity consultant for a number of Silicon Valley startups including Napster and Stubhub, and working with the FBI to help architect security procedures for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Be All You Can be

AntoinetteAntoinette greets me from the third floor of her apartment building in Visitacion Valley. I look up at her from the sidewalk as she says hello and beckons for me to enter the complex. It’s hard to hear her over the roar of traffic entering and exiting the highway just across the street.

“There are too many stairs for me, I’ll throw the keys down to you,” she explains.


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