Looking Out for Our Safety

Today, one of our drivers, Jim, shared a beautiful story with us.

Our goal at Meals on Wheels is to ensure that homebound seniors are fed and kept safe, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.  One of the clients on his route –Tricia and her husband who both receive meals from us daily – left a special gift for him.

Iona Shares Her Story

Many of us don’t like to cook, but for Iona, cooking is especially difficult, even hazardous.

“You’re standing over the stove and sometimes things just pop at you,” Iona explains, not mentioning – perhaps purposefully - the eye disease that has dogged her since childhood.

Delivering Meals During a Pandemic

Meals on Wheels San Francisco is a safety net organization.

Thousands of older adults rely on us for their meals because most, if not all, are homebound and are not able to get out to purchase food or to even cook a full meal on their own. There are many faces behind our organization including our drivers -- the unsung heroes who, day in and day out, are on the frontlines to deliver meals and ensure senior clients are safe.

A Sonny Disposition

“Here Fievel; poor, poor Fievel,” Sonny bellows from her couch in her small one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. She begins humming a song from the popular 80s animated film, American Tail, which is about a young mouse (Fievel) who emigrates from Russia to the U.S. with his family by boat and is tossed overboard during a storm, leaving him alone, separated from his family.


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