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MOWSF Senior Prepares a Meal

The 2015 MOWSF Client Survey

Posted June 1, 2015

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Nutrition Department Staff Members

From left to right: MOWSF’s Nutrition Department includes Director of Nutrition Gladys G. Diamonon and Nutritionists Diane Luce and Nancy Wong.

Every year, our Nutrition Department puts out an annual survey to MOWSF clients. We ask for feedback on all sorts of topics, from the menu and food to the drivers. We get important data from this survey that helps us improve services. We also get some great comments!

Survey Highlights

  • 94% of clients state MOWSF provided the services that they needed.
  • 86% clients state that MOWSF food is excellent or good.
  • 20% of clients state that MOWSF is their only source of food.
  • Spaghetti and meatballs is the favorite meal.

Client Comments

  1. “Your service has been a godsend to me and my mother. It’s always fresh and the drivers are friendly. Thank you MOWSF.”
  2. “The guys that bring food are great. They walk up four floors. I can’t do this. God bless you.”
  3. “The delivery staff is just wonderful! Prompt and always so cheerful and upbeat. I start my day with a happy meal every time.”
  4. “This is my only meal of the day. I am very grateful to MOWSF. The social workers are wonderful and helpful.”
  5. “One can tell that food is cooked with love for clients – thank you!”
  6. “I would not be able to get by without MOWSF, very grateful. Thanks!”
  7. “This program has basically saved my life by the food and nutrition you have given to me, by coming right to my door.”
  8. “This is a wonderful program and a big help to all seniors and handicapped. I have very little income and have a hard time paying all my bills every month.”
  9. “Your program is beneficial to people living alone, sick, no friend with a fix income barely enough to live on. We are thankful for your help and concern on our regard. We pray that the lord gives you more blessinsg so that you can continue this program endlessly.”
  10. “If it weren’t for you, I’d either have a roof over my head but have nothing to eat, or I’d be able to buy food but be homeless. Right when I’m trying to recover from stage three cancer and chemotherapy that decimated my blood cells. THANK YOU!”