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Students at Whole Foods Market

Students Help MOWSF Build Partnership With Whole Foods Market

Posted January 18, 2013

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Students at Whole Foods MarketAs part of a Service Learning project, students from the University of San Francisco (USF) participated in the pilot of a new program called “Spring Cleaning All Year Round.” The program, which started in March 2012, connects community and corporate volunteer groups with seniors in need of housekeeping help.

In addition to participating in Spring Cleaning events, the students also researched potential community partnerships. They found an ideal partner in Whole Foods Market, whose philosophy of corporate social responsibility pairs well with the MOWSF mission.

Through the help of marketing team leader Maureen Everett, the students secured a three-month supply of environmentally friendly cleaning materials. Kudos to our team of amazing team of USF students and Whole Foods Market for helping so many San Francisco seniors feel healthier and happier in their own homes.