Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

William with Camille

William with Camille

William_smallWilliam is a lover of literature, film and music. After graduating from Harvard University, and after that, Duke Law School, he went on to become a professor at several different colleges, and to practice law. William was raised in the Philippines and spent his life in the United States; throughout his lifetime he has traveled far and wide in between. He has spent the last several the last several years in San Francisco.

CamilleCamille is a 24-year-old junior at the University of San Francisco, studying English Literature. She is a Bay Area native, currently living in San Francisco. When she isn’t writing a paper or burying her face into a textbook, Camille enjoys going for long night runs through her neighborhood, catching every concert that she can and taste-testing as many baked goods as her stomach will hold. Camille intends to earn her masters degree and become a college professor, but first, she plans to travel.

William with Camille artifact 1A small wave in the sea of books that make up William’s library.

William with Camille artifact 2

William talks about artists, their works, and messages that he holds dear.