Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

Marie with Salvatore

Marie with Salvatore

Marie was born and raised in San Francisco, the only daughter in an Irish-American family. She spent part of her childhood, from the ages of 13-15, in Marin County. She did not attend college, but graduated from Polytechnical School and went on to work for the Chevron Corporation for over 40 years. Her starting position was in the accounts receivable department, but she eventually wound up working as an executive assistant. She retired when she was 59 and has lived in the Outer Sunset ever since. Her favorite place to vacation is Hawaii, and she enjoys gardening.

Salvatore was born in Santa Monica, California but raised in Sacramento. He is a junior English Writing major at the University of San Francisco. He is the first of two children in his family, and while his parents and some family live in Sacramento, much of his extended family lives in New York. He attended Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento before going to Sacramento City College, Gonzaga University, and eventually the University of San Francisco. He enjoys traveling, interacting with people, writing, and reading. Eventually, he would like to attend law school and work in the field of business.

Marie’s graduation photo from California PolyTechnical School.

Marie’s time at the Chevron Corporation provided her with some of her favorite memories in life — the office’s annual Christmas Party, and also her first day on the job.