Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

Marian with Noe

Marian with Noe

marian1_smallMarian is a spry 97-year-old San Francisco native and resident. Of Guatemalan heritage, in her younger years Marian worked as a stenographer and typist, and then as a secretary for the government’s gas department, retiring in 1980. She lives with her son, Robert. Marian enjoys participating in the choir at her local senior center (where she’s been going since the 1980s), playing card games, and rooting for the San Francisco Giants.

marian3_smallNoelani is a 23-year-old Calistoga native and current San Francisco resident. She is an Honors English student at the University of San Francisco, and intends to become a writer and cultural critic. She enjoys dusty bookstores, café-hopping, and cats.

marian2_smallClockwise, from left: Marian in her twenties; Marian with the Archbishop of the Philippines (who performed her wedding) and her husband’s relatives; Marian with her second husband and his niece.

Marian remembers learning to type and the beginning of her career as a stenographer.