Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

Laura with Kim

scooterLaura’s scooter, which she has nicknamed “Fred.”

Laura was born in East Germany, where she spent the first 22 years of her life. After escaping in the mid-1960s, she found an opportunity to live and work in San Francisco. She quickly fell in love with travel, and she loves exploring different cultures, especially those of Latin and Native American communities. Over the years, she has spent time all over the world, adventuring with colleagues, working with medical technology, becoming a professional chef, and even learning how to fly planes. She now lives by herself in the condo she calls home, with a treasure trove of books, artifacts, and other keepsakes from her journeys.

kimdarvin_smallA drawing of Kim by one of her third-grade students. In glorious magic marker.

Kim is a 20-year-old Filipina from San Jose. She is a junior at USF, studying to become an elementary school teacher. She plays clarinet in the pep band, if that counts for anything. She loves all things related to superheroes or Disney, and is an avid toy collector. Working with kids is her passion, so it has been a pleasure to see the other side of the spectrum and work with seniors for this project.

kimdarvin2_smallIn her home, Laura displays the cultural artifacts and treasures she has collected from her adventures to Latin America.

Currently dealing with multiple sclerosis, Laura reflects on her life well-lived. After escaping East Germany in her early 20s, she traveled the globe and immersed herself in a world that taught her everything from Latin American culture to cooking to how to fly planes.