Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

Johanna & Procolo with Lisa

artifacts1_smallWedding Picture, 1964

Johanna and Procolo with Lisa

Procolo and Johanna met in Germany. German-born Johanna was a school teacher before she met Procolo, a United States citizen from the Philippines. He was serving in the military during World War II, stationed in different countries around the world, including Germany. The couple found their way to the United States, where they married and moved to their current residence in San Francisco. Active in their church community, they live peacefully by the ocean, after years of caring for generations of children and grandchildren.

lisa_smallLisa Marie is a student at the University of San Francisco, currently in her third year of studying English with an emphasis on writing. Originally born and raised on the tiny island of Guam, Lisa traveled far to study in the foggy city and back home has two younger sisters and four dogs, including a fiercely intelligent one they call Sapphire. She loves writing all kinds of stories, from fantasy fiction to narrative non-fiction, and occasionally dabbling in free verse poetry. She also enjoys playing music, loves eating cookie dough ice cream, and has a deep passion for dragons.

artifacts2_smallThe coffee table where we usually sit and talk, while drinking tea and coffee.

Johanna reflects on how their cultures and customs merged, especially during Christmas, coming from two different worlds and now living in one.