Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

Carol & Roy with Haley


Roy with Haley

Carol is a Bay Area artist who has been working in commercial art for more than 30 years. She has worked as an illustrator, a drafter, and advertiser for many different companies in San Diego, Seattle, and San Francisco. Carol has struggled with hearing loss her whole life, but has always been able to find success through her artwork. She is a skilled artist who can sketch and draw anything. Carol is still able to take classes at a local school and works a few hours a week for the city.

Roy is a retired artist in the Bay Area. He moved to San Francisco from San Diego with his wife, Carol. He graduated as from San Diego State University and then came up to San Francisco to go to San Francisco Art Institute on a scholarship. Roy then started having serious health issues and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Between stays in the hospital, he was able to graduate and started teaching printmaking San Francisco State University. Unfortunately, due to health difficulties, Roy had to retire and could no longer practice printmaking. He still draws, and finds escape and expression through his art.

Haley is a junior at University of San Francisco. She is studying Performing Arts and Social Justice. Haley is from San Diego, and loves all aspects of performing and creating. She is a Resident Advisor on campus and works as a barista at Le Marais Bakery in the Marina District. Haley first became interested in the art of interviewing while taking a performance class, and has enjoyed learning more about Oral History through Professor Ryan Van Meter’s Introduction to Writing Oral History class. Haley has really enjoyed working with Meals On Wheels of San Francisco and getting to meet such incredible people.

IMG_5814_smallRoys’ illustrated faxes (Roy and Carol now communicate by fax much of the time).


Roy talks about his self-portraits.

Carol talks about commercial art.