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Photo of a senior standing next to a wreathe.

Seniors During the Holidays

Posted November 13, 2013

MOWSF Blog | Senior Issues

Senior with holiday present.Hundreds of seniors live right here in our neighborhoods — not in retirement centers or nursing homes — but still in their own homes. They’ve managed to do what most of us want to do as we age: maintain our dignity and independence for as long as possible.  But many of these seniors develop debilitating conditions —a broken hip, blindness, severe arthritis — that keep them from shopping and cooking for themselves.  Meals On Wheels of San Francisco — with the support of hundreds of friends like you — brings hot meals right to their doorsteps.

But loneliness is as great a problem as hunger is for many of our seniors. And during the holiday season, their isolation is even greater.  As much as they need nourishing food, they also need to know that someone still cares about them. It’s our mission that they will never again have to worry about where their next meal will come from… and they will never have to worry about being alone and forgotten.

With your support, we are able to accomplish:

  • Hunger relief in a population unable to purchase food and/or prepare meals for themselves
  • Increased interpersonal and community connections, which reduces isolation for our seniors
  • Increased likelihood for seniors to remain safely at home rather than in a costly hospital or institution

Thank you for helping to Nourish the Whole Person.