Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

Home Safety And Urgent Needs Program

Through our Home Safety and Urgent Needs program, we provide clients with essential safety items and assist clients with projects to make their homes safe. We have volunteers who are ready to change light bulbs, install smoke alarms, and perform many other tasks that our clients may not be able to do for themselves safely.

What kinds of household items can MOWSF provide for me?

For clients with limited resources, we provide items such as:

  • Microwaves
  • Grab bars
  • Extension cords
  • Magnifiers
  • Bath mats
  • Bath rugs
  • Personal items and toiletries

How are the items delivered? Can MOWSF install them in my home?

Some of these items are delivered by MOWSF drivers. Others are delivered and installed by MOWSF volunteers. Still others, such as grab bars, are installed in clients’ homes through our partnership with Rebuilding Together San Francisco. How we get items to you depends on what your needs are – you make the request, and we’ll figure out the rest. All drivers, staff, volunteers, and outside services that come to your home have been screened for your safety.

How can I request support from MOWSF’s Home Safety and Urgent Needs program?

Are you a current MOWSF client? If you have a need that you think we can help with through our Home Safety and Urgent Needs program, please contact MOWSF and ask for a social worker at 415-920-1111.