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Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day is September 7

Posted August 21, 2014


Grandparents Day

A portrait of Marian McQuade at the age of 72. Photo courtesy of the National Grandparents Council and

This year National Grandparents Day will be celebrate its 36th year. The day, which was founded by West Virginia resident Marian McQuade, is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

Marian wanted to champion the cause of lonely elderly Americans living in nursing homes. She hoped the day would encourage younger family members to visit their elders. She also wanted to remind grandchildren to appreciate the wisdom and heritage of their grandparents. Marian had 43 grandchildren! She is pictured with a handful of them above.

Here at Meals On Wheels of San Francisco we work hard not only to provide nutrition and supportive services to homebound seniors but also to battle isolation. You can learn more about volunteering with seniors at

This Grandparents Day consider making a gift to honor a grandparent. A small gift can make a big difference in the lives of your elderly neighbors.


Grandparents Day

Marian lobbying for Grandparents Day at the State Capitol in 1972. Photo courtesy of the National Grandparents Council and

Presidential Proclamation– National Grandparents Day 2013

Our grandparents’ generations made America what it is today. They led our Nation through times of war, heralded new ages of innovation, and tested the limits of human imagination. They challenged longstanding prejudices and shattered barriers, both cultural and scientific. In our homes and our communities, grandparents pass down the values that have led generations of Americans to live well and give back. As individuals, as families, and as a society, we have an unshakable obligation to provide the care and support our grandparents have earned. Together, let us guarantee the right of every American to live out their golden years in dignity and security.

— President Barack Obama