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Meet MOWSF Senior Marie

Posted October 21, 2014

MOWSF Blog | Senior Stories

Agnes2MOWSF senior Marie keeps a tidy home in the Sunset neighborhood. From the window of her sunny second-story living room, you can see glimpses of the Pacific Ocean. Marie moved to her home, which is not far from Ocean Beach, in January 1951. The 87 year old says she recalls when this area was nothing but sand dunes all the way to the water.

Marie, who was born and raised in San Francisco, grew up in a house on Fifth Avenue in the Richmond district. Her father was originally from Ireland, and worked for many years as the chief inspector of the Market Street Railway Company. Her mother came from Ohio. Marie was one of two children, as a brother passed away before she was born.

Agnes3After graduating from San Francisco Polytechnic High School, Marie began working for the Chevron Corporation. Impressively, she remembers her exact start day – February 11, 1946 – as well as the address of the building – 225 Bush Street. She also easily recalls the first and last names of coworkers from throughout her 41 years with the company. Marie started off doing office work, eventually moving to the accounts receivable department. When she retired in 1986, she was serving as the secretary to the chairman of the board.

Retirement did not slow Marie down, however. She began volunteering, most notably at the Steinhart Aquarium in Golden Gate Park. And she also continued singing in her church’s choir, which she was a member of for 30 years.

These days mobility issues are a challenge for Marie. Her front door, like many in the neighborhood, is inside a gate and up a twisting flight of stairs. And she needs a walker to move around the house. After several falls, Marie had to hire a caretaker. And in 2011, she began getting meals from MOWSF. Her MOWSF social worker, who says Marie is always so sweet and nicely attired, also helped her get a new chair and assistance with household repairs.