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Laurie and her portrait.

Meet Laurie: The oldest senior MOWSF serves

Posted November 14, 2013

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Lara, a MOWSF social worker holds, Laurie's hand.

Laurie — a 106-year-old centenarian — is one of MOWSF social worker Larissa’s favorite clients.

There is no secret to living a long life, says San Francisco resident Laurie, who, at age 106, is officially the oldest homebound senior that Meals On Wheels of San Francisco (MOWSF) serves. “It’s up to each person,” she says. “I enjoy everything I do.”

Laurie, who grew up in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, moved to San Francisco in 1940. She came for a job in the medical records department at Children’s Hospital of San Francisco and never left.  “I like living in San Francisco,” she says. “It’s a beautiful city. The people are excellent.”

MOWSF's Oldest Client, Laurie as a little girl.

A picture of Laurie as a little girl.

Laurie started receiving meals from MOWSF in 2004. And though she is very hard of hearing and can no longer move about her small cottage by herself, she is still sharp. Her weekly visitor Michael, the son of late friends, is currently reading “Little Women” to her.  And every day she listens to her favorite radio program and does small exercises to work out her arms and legs.

After working at several hospitals in the City, Laurie retired in 1976. She took up volunteer work and traveled around Europe, including Scandinavia, England, France and Russia. Back then, Laurie also loved to dance. She claims she was never that good, but a few years ago, when her mobility was better, she taught MOWSF social worker Larissa to do the Charleston.

Laurie’s longtime caretaker Rose has her own theories about Laurie’s longevity. It’s her cheerful attitude. “She never complains, not in the seven years I’ve worked for  her,” says Rose. “And she always says ‘thank you’.”

Laurie and her birthday cake

Enjoying cake, five years ago, for her 101st birthday.