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Dennis, a MOWSF Friendly Grocery Shopper, and his family.

Meet Dennis: A Friendly Grocery Shopper Volunteer

Posted September 12, 2013

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Dennis T. decided he wanted to volunteer helping seniors after an elderly neighbor fell in her home. “She was nowhere near a phone,” he says. “And overnight, her life changed. It was a real hardship.” The 46-year-old Walgreens store manager and father of two thought of Meals On Wheels of San Francisco. “I’d seen the meal delivery trucks around town and thought that was the only way I could do work,” he says. But after making inquiries he learned about the Friendly Grocery Shopper program.

Since then, he’s been helping homebound seniors by picking up groceries for them. Right now he shops for two MOWSF clients, including one woman who lives near his work. “I check in once a week and make a little conversation,” he says. When he gets super busy at work, his wife, Christine, helps out with the volunteer shopping.

Most of the seniors he’s volunteered for don’t have siblings or children and are financially challenged. “But even if you are fortunate to have a lot of family, we are all going to get old sometime,” he says. “Social security is not enough anymore. Meals On Wheels as a resource really helps out.” That’s a good enough reason, he says, for people to volunteer.

To learn more about becoming a Friendly Grocery Shopper or about other MOWSF volunteer programs, contact Danie Belfield, Manager of Volunteer Engagement, at or 415-343-1311.