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Carmen and her cat

Meet Carmen, Corny and Park: One happy family

Posted April 9, 2014

MOWSF Blog | Senior Stories

Carmen and her dog“This is my son, and this is my daughter,” says MOWSF senior Carmen, pointing to her two beloved pets. Corny, her fluffy 17-year-old cat, has been with the family since before she could open her eyes.

“My husband found her in a gas station parking lot stumbling around,” she says. “He wrapped her up in his jacket, got on his bike and brought her home.” Their six-year-old dog Park was also brought home by her husband. This time from Franklin Square Park where pups were being given away in a box. “Doesn’t he look cute with his mohawk?” she says, as she teases his scruffy mane.

Carmen and her cat, CornyBoth Carmen and her husband get meals from MOWSF. Carmen began getting deliveries after she had surgery on her arm. And her husband, who gets dizzy from his many medications, is suffering from stomach cancer. Carmen says she enjoys chatting with her MOWSF meal delivery driver, Sheila. And she appreciates all that the organization has done for her, including helping her get much-needed new bedding and a microwave.

Carmen’s MOWSF social worker also connected the couple with Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS), a non-profit that helps seniors and other vulnerable populations with pet care. Having assistance with pet food and cat litter has meant a lot to Carmen and her husband.

“I love animals,” she says. “Taking care of them makes me happy and keep me out of depression.”