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Amber and Ashante deliver Thanksgiving meals

Meet Amber and Ashante: A Special Pair

Posted December 2, 2013

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Ashante, Amber and a MOWSF senior

On Thanksgiving morning, Amber Goldman, a 38-year-old school social worker, and Ashante Brown, a 17-year-old high school senior, joined more than 450 volunteers at Meals On Wheels of San Francisco (MOWSF) to deliver meals to homebound seniors. The pair first met through a school mentoring program. Back then, Ashante was in the fourth grade and Amber was still an intern.

Amber, who had volunteered with MOWSF before, had signed them up. “I thought it would be a nice way to spend time together,” she said. After an orientation, they set out to deliver turkey dinners, Thanksgiving place mats and gift bags to homebound seniors across San Francisco.

Amber shows a Thanksgiving place mat to a senior

Amber shows a Thanksgiving place mat to a Harold, a MOWSF senior who once worked in SF’s shipyards.

Ashante and a framed photo

Ashante admires MOWSF senior Ro’s old family photo.

But each visit was more than just a delivery — the two also had a chance to chat with the seniors, to learn a little about their younger days, to see family photos and to hear about loved ones long passed.

And between stops, there was also time to reflect. Amber noted how two of the seniors had ties to the San Francisco’s shipyards, an important part of the City’s history, while Ashante reflected on the challenges of growing old. “It must be hard not to have anyone,” she said. “Or to not be able to go out your front door.”

At the end of their day, Ashante and Amber posed for a picture in front of a MOWSF delivery van. In the fall Ashante will be off to college. She hopes to attend Tuskegee University in Alabama, but she still plans to come home for Thanksgiving. “I think I’ll do this every year,” she said.


Amber and Ashante pose in front of a MOWSF delivery van.

Amber and Ashante pose in front of a MOWSF delivery van after finishing their Thanksgiving route.

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