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Jane and Audrey

Jane and Audrey

Posted December 1, 2012

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Jane and AudreyBy Media Volunteer, Nadia Salim

When she was recovering from foot surgery, Jane may have been concerned that between waiting out her recovery and partaking in regular physical therapy sessions, she wouldn’t be able to get the healthy meals she had always prepared for herself and her partner. She needn’t have been worried.

When Kaiser referred her to MOWSF, she started receiving frozen meals for two, as well as a grocery shopper tasked with buying weekly fruits and vegetables. While Audrey (her volunteer Grocery Shopper) may be a wiz at doing Jane’s weekly Trader Joe’s shopping, their relationship has grown to be much more. Admitting that she “hit the jackpot” with Audrey. Jane and her volunteer have grown very close and love chatting about their common interests. She even describes their relationship as being akin to a mother/daughter bond and caringly refers to Audrey as her “angel.”

Having grown up around her grandparents, Audrey has a special connection with elderly people and feels as though she can really understand their perspective. For Audrey, an additional interest in exploring the ways in which mother/daughter relationships can provide strength and support is an important part of her life. As a member of the National Charity League Association, which seeks to strengthen the support that women can provide for each other across communities, she honors this relationship and the expanded social and cultural value it can create.

So when asked to go shopping once a week for an older client, Audrey was interested in getting involved in a project that could address both questions of aging as well as female support systems. She recommends MOWSF as a great way to get involved for anyone who is interested in giving back to their community.

On a more personal note, she admits that she and Jane “adore” each other, and looks forward to their chats as she drops off groceries. In between visits are phone calls that help maintain the relationship that both Jane and Audrey describe as “very special.” Very special indeed, and a wonderful tale of two women making a loving connection through service and recovery.