Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

2016 Patrons


This year’s Constellation Patrons enjoyed a Plaza Caviar selection and 2004 Dom Perignon. In addition, these tables enjoyed the benefit of selecting their dinner from all of the evening’s menu offerings.

Lee and Russ Flynn
Emily and Sam Glick
Debbie and Andy Rachleff


Deborah and David L. Ballati
Denise Foderaro and Frank Quattrone
Koret Foundation
Yvonne Sangiacomo
Maureen and Craig Sullivan


Gayda Airth and Charles Chi
Maren and Michael Bannon
Bob Ross Foundation
Monica Devereux and Chris Columbus
Meredith and Barry Eggers
Laura Flourens-Fanlo and Nino Fanlo
Linda Forsmann and Michael Grant
Leslie and Umberto Gibin
Marcia and John Goldman
Independent Living Systems, LLC
Linda L. Lester
Margaret Naraghi Quattrin and Vic Quattrin
Patricia Perkins-Leone and Douglas Leone
Peter Paul Wines
Nancy and Kevin Sidow


Daniel Binder
Cindy Black
Flashpoint Public Relations
Christina Giguere and David Kvaratskhelia
Mary Heylin and Tim Marten
Connie and John Linehan
Sharon and Stan Meresman
Pacific Union Community Fund
Cathy and Mike Podell
Anne Popkin
Bill Moliski
Irvenia Waters and José Allen
Darlene Woodson


Shelby and Frederick Gans
Lisa and Derek Kirkland
Lanelle and Paul Neumann
Carla and Bill Newell
Kay Rousseau and Stuart Montgomery
Patrick Smith and Bart Vis
Brook and Maggie Turner
Rosemary T. and Harry K. Wong


Douglas Amarelo
Cathleen and Carl Anderson
Mary Anderson and Salvador Gutierrez
Andrew Freeman & Co.
Kathryn Arbeit and Jeff Beene
Ann and JP Balajadia
Jeff Bambrook and Jeffrey Wahl
Betsy and Randy Baum
Joan Beardsley and Ted Grossman
Lauren and Eric Beelar
Michael Booth and Michael Oliva
Amy and Scott Bowden
Ellen and Jim Brown
Mary and Mike Buckley
Lois and Steve Chess
Sherilyn Chew and Peti Arunamata
Jennie Chui and Christopher Schaepe
Lisa and Jim Considine
Teresa Corbin
Jane Cote-Cook and Christopher Cook
Assumpta Curry and John Ziegler
Elizabeth and Mike Dallapé
Craig Davini and Ashley McCumber
Sarah DeCoux and Dennis Flynn
Kathy DePaola and Tim Bigalke
Debra Dout and David Burns
Sue and Ron Dudum
Milena and Chris Durkin
Dixon Financial Services
Patricia and Ron Eastman
Hon. Judith Epstein and Joe Epstein
Justin Frieders, DC
Dan German
Aaron and Julia Gershenberg
Fabiola and Hector Gomez
Teri and Andy Goodman
Arthur Goodrich and Bradley Hester
Amy Grossman
Rick Hamer
Linda Holbrook and John Dusay
Yvonne Hughes and Jeff Garelick
Margot Hyun
Christina and Deepak Kamra
Hannah and James Kim
Susan and Bob Kresek
Barbara Lancaster and Ron Vance
Patricia Lee-Hoffman and Steven Hoffman
Kerri and Mark Lehmann
Kenneth Leung
Lisa and Jason McDonell
Avril McHugh and Charles Barry
Karla Mauricio and Peter Bowden
Christine Miller and Gary Glaser
Kyra Minninger and Steve Peletz
Kate and Wes Mitchell
Cathy and Andrew Moley
Patty Downey and Rich Mortillaro
Karen and Joseph Niehaus
Anne and Michael Parish
Zan and Jack Peat
Diane and James Pennington
Kristin and Scott Preston
Elaine Robinson and Andrew Citizen
Deborah Romer and William Tucker
Jennifer Sanders
Amy and Eric Sahn
The Sears Family
Ajit and Chitra Shah
David and Marcy Segre
Elizabeth Sennett
Camilla and Gidu Shroff
Stefanie and Rob Skinner
Ian Sobieski
Maria and Raymond Sohnlein
Biren and Tejal Sood
Anita and John Sullivan
Kathryn Surso and Jonathan Rodriguez
Jay Teevan
Kevin Thompson and Ervin Galuz
Yvonne Tom and Edward Chun
Connie Tompkins McCole
Barbara Walkowski
John and Jennifer Walsh
Paul Ybarbo

List as of Mar 28, 2016