Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

Our Story

Our Mission

Meals On Wheels of San Francisco and its volunteers provide seniors what they need to live independent and dignified lives — nutritious meals, professional social work and a friendly visitor.

MOWSF Is a Local Organization Supporting Local Seniors

Our network of drivers, social workers, nutritionists, community partners, volunteers, donors and advocates are a formidable force against senior neglect and malnutrition. Meals On Wheels of San Francisco believes in delivering more than a meal – we are Nourishing the Whole Person.

Founded in 1970, MOWSF is a local, independent non-profit organization. MOWSF exists to alleviate the food insecurity and loneliness experienced by seniors who want to stay in their own homes but cannot shop or prepare meals for themselves. Our services are geared towards those with the greatest physical, social and economic need. The seniors we serve are frail, have limited ability to purchase or prepare meals, and have little or no support from family or caregivers. All of our clients are physically challenged due to a variety of conditions such as heart disease, cancer, vision loss, arthritis and diabetes. They are also confronted with the anxiety that the cost of living in San Francisco could outweigh their limited income.

Home-Delivered Meals

We serve more than 1.6 million meals each year.

  • 64% of the seniors we serve live alone.
  • 20% of them have no other sources of food than the two meals MOWSF provides per day.
  • Meals are prepared in our kitchen in the Bayview neighborhood.
  • You’ve probably seen our trucks around the City! Our staff drivers deliver meals and safety checks to 3,500 seniors and adults with disabilities in neighborhoods across San Francisco.

Nourishing the Whole Person

We do more than deliver meals.

  • Our drivers not only deliver food, but provide important safety checks.
  • Our registered dietitians provide more than 1,900 hours of nutrition counseling each year.
  • Our team of social workers conducts more than 3,049 visits a year.
  • Our volunteer department coordinates programs that provide clients with compassion and support. Volunteers are matched with seniors to offer companionship or to help with tasks such as grocery shopping, computer instruction, home cleaning, small repairs and more.

A Local Organization

We are a local, community-based non-profit.

  • MOWSF is a member of Meals on Wheels America, a national advocacy association. However, we operate independently. We are not a chapter or branch, and we are not funded or operated by a national organization.
  • More than 60% of our almost $9 million operating budget is raised from community partners — generous individuals, corporations, and foundations. The City of San Francisco also provides crucial support, about 36% of our annual funding.
  • 84% of every dollar we raise goes directly to meal delivery and supportive services for clients.
  • The cost of providing meals for one senior per year is $4,700 — approximately the cost of a one-day stay in the hospital.