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A Visit from the Famous Mr. Leno

Posted May 3, 2016

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Father Joseph, a Benedictine priest and longtime resident of San Francisco, eagerly and excitedly welcomed Senator Mark Leno into his TenderNob apartment. “It’s the famous Mr. Leno!” he exclaimed upon the Senator’s arrival. “Not the other Mr. Leno on TV.”

As they seFr J opening cupcakesttled into Father Joseph’s small studio apartment, the walls lined with piles of books, Senator Leno thanked Father Joseph for his letters. “Keep them coming,” the Senator urged. Father Joseph smiled. “I believe in making my voice heard to my elected officials,” he explained. After an enthusiastic chat about the intersection of religion and politics, Senator Leno presented Father Joseph with a scrumptious dinner and a special treat of Kara’s Cupcakes to enjoy that evening.

Father Joseph, like so many of our senior neighbors, lives alone and in very close quarters. The books that line his walls keep him company and keep his mind sharp – but it’s the visits he receives from Meals On Wheels that keep him healthy, physically and emotionally. During the month of May – Older Americans Month – we’re coming together with agencies nationwide to advocate for seniors like Father Joseph who must be provided not only with nutritious food but with the friendly visits they require.