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2013 Gala Patrons

Posted February 20, 2014

Highlights from the 2013 Star Chefs & Vintners Gala

The 27th Annual Star Chefs & Vintners Gala will be held Sunday, June 1, 2014, at Fort Mason Center’s Festival Pavilion. In the meantime, we invite you to enjoy highlights from last year’s event.

✯ 2013 Star Chefs & Vintners Gala Patrons ✯

✯ Guiding Star Patrons ✯

Deborah and David L. Ballati
Monica Devereux and Chris Columbus
Lee and Russ Flynn
Koret Foundation, Susan Koret, Chairman of the Baord
Yvonne and Angelo Sangiacomo
Maureen and Craig Sullivan

✯ Four-star Patrons ✯

Bob Ross Foundation
Meredith and Barry Eggers
Leslie and Umberto Gibin
Christina C. Giguere and David Kvaratskhelia
Emily and Samuel Glick
Marcia and John Goldman
Gregg Lynn / Sotheby’s International Realty
William J. Moliski
Peter Paul Wines
Debbie and Andy Rachleff
Paula Robichaud
Katherine and Kurt Simon
Veronica Watson and Mike Petonic

✯ Three-star Patrons ✯

Margaret and Vic Quattrin
Nancy and Kevin Sidow
Irvenia Waters and Josè Allen

✯ Two-star Patrons ✯

Katharine Beckwith
Daniel F. Binder
Cindy A. Black
Hannah L. Blumentstiel and David Honig
Teresa M. Corbin
Flashpoint PR
Shelby and Frederick Gans
Teri and Andy Goodman
Hanson Bridgett LLP
Herbst Foundation, Inc.
Jefferies & Company Inc. / Kathy and Andy Barish
Cristina and Robert Morris
Nims & Associates
Pacific Union International Real Estate Community Fund
Georganne and Bob Proctor
Kay Rousseau and Stuart Montgomery
Patrick Smith and Bart Vis
Carey H. Timbrell
Charlotte and Robert Uram
Atsuko Watanabe and David Sovie
Janis and David Zaiken
Charles Zukow and John Ferrara

✯ One-star Patrons ✯

Jeff P. Bambrook and Jeffrey Wahl
Maren and Michael Bannon
Susan and Michael Bates
Joan Beardsley and Ted Grossman
Michael Booth and Michael Oliva
Marty and Norm Buckhart
Mary and Mike Buckley
Anne-Mari and Jason Canter
Sherri Burke and Robert Wolf
Anne-Marie and Jason Canter
Amy and Brian Carr
Lois and Stephen Chess
Lucius C. Conrad
Lisa and Jim Considine
Jane and Christopher Cook
Tom de Rose and Karl Sopke
Martha J. Deevy and Josh Rymer
Dixon Financial Services
Debra Dout and David Burns
Kathy Doyle and Enrique Rodriguez
Ellen and John Drew
Joshua Easterly
Mary and Thomas Foote
Thomas Foutch and Milton Mosk
Justin Frieders
Laura and John Gamble
Allison K. Huegel and James Sergi
Julie and Scott Jones
Hannah and James Kim

Susan and Robert Kresek
Christine Leong and Scott Connors
Connie and John Linehan
Susanne and Ron Lissak
Jan Masaoka
Andre Matsuda
Ashley C. McCumber and Craig Davini
Lisa and Jason McDonell
Marion and Gerald McGovern
Joan and Richard Merryman
Christine Miller and Gary Glaser
Carla and Bill Newell
Elyse and Michael O’Sullivan
Zan and Jack Peat
Resonate Agency / Kristi Yim
Ann and Harry Roth
I. Schmid-Maybach
Daphne Seymour and Matt Locati
Camilla and Gidu Shroff
Christine and Timothy Smith
Joan and Frank Smith
Ian P. Sobieski
Frank Stein and Paul May
Stephanie and Keith Tomao
Barbara Walkowski
Rosemary and Harry Wong
Darlene and Jim Woodson
Paul Ybarbo